July 1975
Founded Shimizu Shokai Limited Company
Developed our engine tester, “Kakeru-kun”, and applied for patent
Opened U-PARTS Omiya, the first directly managed store (presently owns nine directly managed stores)
December 1999
Became the first in the industry to obtain ISO 9002 (quality management system) certification
June 2000
Changed its name from Shimizu Shokai Limited Company to U-PARTS, Inc.
Developed an automatic transmission tester in collaboration with Nissan Motor
Received the Prime Minister’s Award for 3R Promotion Contributors
June 2002
Obtained BMW’s certificate as its certified scrapper
Obtained ISO 14001 (environment management system) certification
March 2003
Built a noise-cut room for collective on-vehicle airbag operation
Obtained ISO 9001 (quality management system) certification
April 2004
Launched the sale of our engine starter, “Kakeru-kun 2”
Obtained scrapper’s license
July 2006
Established a website for car repair
Started to export to Mongolia
January 2007
Obtained shredder’s license
Independently took part in the 6th International Auto Aftermarket Expo 2007
January 2008
In collaboration with Waseda University Environmental Research Institute, realized the quantification of CO2 reduction amount achieved by recycled automobile parts
Sainokuni Ecology Upgrading Declaration (for the reduction of environmental load) [Saitama Prefecture]
Developed and started selling recycled batteries
Cool it! Received NACK 5 Award at Sainokuni Global Warming Countermeasures Competition
February 2010
Received the Minister of Environment Outstanding Performance Award and Jury’s Special Award (online voter’s award) at Stop the Global Warming – Mission “One Village, One Product” National Competition
Launched the sale of our engine starter, “Kakeru-kun 3”
Certified as Saitama Prefecture’s Sainokuni Designated Plant
January 2011
Management Innovation Plan for our battery recovery business received the approval of Governor of Saitama (Hokushin No. 681)
January 2012
Launched the sale of rebuilt hybrid batteries
February 2012
Received Grand Prix in the Venture Business Section of the 1st Eiichi Shibusawa Business Awards
November 2012
Received the Special Award at 46th Good Company Award
March 2013
Obtained ISO 27001 (information security management system) certification
October 2013
Obtained Special Controlled Industrial Waste Collector & Transporter License
November 2014
Held a Family Day to invite employees’ families to the company
November 2015
Integrated the Omiya and Kumagaya Stores to open a large-scale sales outlet, U-PARTS Saitama Branch
April 2016
Launched the sale of our engine starter, “Kakeru-kun 4”