Create the automobile recycle market. And aim for the recognition and expansion of the industry.

Automobile recycle business has been known as the typical “3K” (K stands for the first letter of dirty, hard, and dangerous in Japanese) industry. But time changes. In recent years, the concept of “3R” (reduce, reuse, and recycle) has taken hold in the society. Accordingly, it has increasingly been recognized as a constantly growing industry in pace with the shift of the time. On the other hand, there is a need for improvements in terms of transparency concerning quality, guarantee, and so on. In order to reduce such concerns, we have been working in collaboration with other rival companies to build a network within the industry to establish standards. The development and sale of our own testers are a part of such efforts. To create a recycle market and contribute to a wider recognition and development of the industry – This is our vision and mission as the industry’s leading company.
Michiyoshi Shimizu President and CEO

Company Profile

Company name
〒360-0023 1285-2 Sayada, Kumagaya city, Saitama pref., Japan
Michiyoshi Shimizu President and CEO
Contact information
TEL:048-524-0524 FAX:048-527-3626
Business Descriptions
  1. Sale of used automobile parts
  2. Sale of rebuilt and good automobile parts
  3. Testing and rebuilding of functional automobile components
  4. Development and sale of automobile part testers
  5. Purchase of accident cars
  6. Export of parts and vehicles
100 million yen
Number of employees
Financing banks
  1. Saitama Resona Bank, Kumagaya Branch
  2. Mizuho Bank, Kumagaya Branch
  3. MUFG Bank, Omiya Branch
  4. Ashikaga Bank, Kumagaya Branch
  1. Award of Encouragement, Japan New Business Conferences (first in the industry)
  2. Transport Minister’s Award for 3R Promotion Contributors (first in the industry)
  3. Prime Minister’s Award for 3R Promotion Contributors (first in the industry)
  4. Grand Prix, Stop the Global Warming – Cool it! Sainokuni Competition
  5. Outstanding Performance Award and Online Voters’ Award, Stop the Global Warming – Mission “One Village, One Product” National Competition
  6. Grand Prix, Venture Business Section, Eiichi Shibusawa Business Awards
  7. Special Award, 46th Good Company Award
Licences and Certifications
  1. Registered Trademark No. 3325522
  2. Recycler Registration No. 20111000002
  3. Chlorofluorocarbons Collector Registration No. 20112000002 (CFC and HFC)
  4. Scrapper License No. 20113000002
  5. Shredder License No. 20114000002
  6. Industrial Waste Collector & Transporter License No. 01110055332
  7. Special Controlled Industrial Waste Collector & Transporter License: 01160055332
  1. Japan Automobile Parts Recyclers’ Association
  2. Automobile Repair Parts Study Group
  3. Japan Automotive Recyclers Alliance
Invoice Registration Number

History of U-PARTS

Here is a brief history of U-PARTS. Our commitment is to become a consumer-friendly recycled parts seller. Company History

ISO Certifications

ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO 14001 Environment Management System
ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

U-PARTS has obtained several ISO certifications in support of global environmental preservation and popularization of recycled automobile parts to ensure that customers can use our products and services without concerns.

Information security basic policy Environmental Initiatives