Information security management system basic policy

This Company enforces the protection of information concerning its stocking of vehicles and exporting business for selling recycled automobile parts (used parts) and maintains a relationship of trust with its clients and business partners concerning information security. In order to realize this, an information security management system is built within the Company and the following items are executed, reviewed, and continually improved.

Information security management system
1. Information security goals
When properly implementing the information security management system and conducting business activities, we establish information security goals, draft plans to achieve these, and execute them.
2. Information security system
An ISMS supervising manager and information security committee will be established as a function for promoting the information security management system, and the proper management of information assets will be conducted.
3. Compliance with laws and regulations
In the course of promoting business, we comply with laws and regulations concerning information security and with important matters noted in our agreement with the customer.
4. Education, training, disclosure
All relevant staff and staff that is promoting business will improve awareness and ensure understanding of all relevant regulations by performing the necessary education concerning security and making everyone aware of the importance of information security.
The ISMS basic policy will be disclosed to stakeholders when necessary.

Enactment  1st edition  August 1, 2012
Revision  2nd edition  July 1, 2014
Michiyoshi Shimizu President and CEO