In-house rules to reduce power usage

We thoroughly have our employees follow our power usage rules, and regularly review our facilities in an attempt to reduce electricity consumption. Specifically, we clearly set the temperature of air conditioning and heating, and we distinguish fluorescent lamps that are always in use from the ones that are not used by using colored stickers to reduce unnecessary electricity consumption.
Also, we use a generator to reduce the amount of electricity when electricity consumption is the highest.

Installation of a green curtain

Every summer, we set up a green curtain; we put up a net around all of the windows to let vegetation cover the windows, which blocks sunlight from coming in through the window. It serves as an energy saving measure, preventing the indoor temperature from rising and cooling the surrounding area by the transpiration of the plants. 
In addition, we applied a heat prevention coating on the roof, which prevents rises in the temperature of painted surfaces and reduces the energy required for air conditioning in the summer. We expect to reduce our CO2 emissions by reducing the energy consumption necessary for air conditioning.